About Us

Fair Game Sports Apparel

Fair Game connects with so many customers all over the world. It's such a neat thing when someone from a small town, way across the globe or in my backyard finds my store and gives me the chance to purchase my awesome apparel items. I stand behind every item I sell and if your ever not satisfied, I will get it corrected. Well in a perfect world I wouldn't make mistakes, but I do. I will correct them ASAP and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

I strive to give you the highest Quality apparel, adult & youth sizing, many color options and over 300 designs to choose from. At times someone will be cheaper, but I'm not here for the one and done, I want you to come back, tell your friends and continue to purchase from me and be satisfied time after time. I believe it's more than $, it's the experience you have and the lasting apparel item you'll be wearing for years to come.  So give me a chance to blow you away with high quality, amazing designs, awesome customer service and lightning fast shipping.

Jan M. Villegas, 2016